Wi-Fi Direct take the place of Bluetooth

Wi-Fi Direct take the place of Bluetooth
Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless technology which allows connecting devices directly without access point (hotspot). To exchange files. Image videos document … You can print documents and share data, between notebooks, or smart phones and tablets. Printer you can compare it to Bluetooth technology but of course Wi-Fi Direct is faster and the coverage area is wider.
wi-fi direct is very useful to transfer files to make backup. To exchange your file and the fastest way to do it.
How does this feature work?
the way to use and enjoy this option changes from one material to the other. That’s why I’m just going to treat the most common.
To connect devices under Android 7
Go into the Settings > Wi-Fi > Turning it on > advanced Wi-Fi > wifi-direct
If the device does not appear in the list you can tap searching to update it
Tap on the name of available device you wish to connect
An invitation will appear in the other device.
You must accept to establish the connection. Now you are ready to use Wi-Fi Direct
To use it to send a file go to your file manager. For example, I will send a photo or video
Internal storage >DCIM > 100 ANDRO > SELECT FILES > sent via Wifi – Direct > tap on device name sending starts automatically.
By default the received file you find it in the download folder of your file manager
Note :  if the device is locked it is possible that the sending, can fail in certain device. Think to unlock it to solve this problem for many devices this is not a problem and it works in all conditions
for security reasons use Wi-Fi Direct only with your own devices because it’s very useful but it’s too risky

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