Why using file archiving software like Winrar

Winrar is one of the oldest file compression and decompression software in the field of computer science other times the use of file compression software has been of great importance for the users because the storage space was very limited 1Mo win has a great value for the user if for example you want to move a file with you or if you want to make a backup of your files you have one way it is 1.44 megabyte floppy disk. Uncompressed files take up a lot of space on the floppy disk like uncompressed BMP images or WAV audio files from where the importance of using compressors, first advantage is reducing the size of file by optimization and second advantage is the ability to split the file into several volume after on the other PC you can easily unzip them the software will ask you to insert the volumes one by one that’s all. In the present day, there are very large storage media since the appearance of the 650Mo CD in the 90s followed by 4.7 Go dvd (4700Mo), which has reduced the importance of archiving software despite it being very useful for some users until today why;

– Protection of data: If you want to save a document of any format audio video picture Text you can set password to the compressed archive than it is password protected nobody can read your file without having the password.

-Another advantage of the archive is that your file are better protect and united in one file and if any of the files are damaged the software will detect it and even try to recover it for you

-If you want to send 200 files by Email it will not be practical to send them like that in archive compressed it is much better.
Many file compression formats are available but the best known are RAR ZIP Z7

Winrar is archiving software compatible with RAR file ZIP 7Z ACE ARJ BZ2 CAB GZ ISO JAR LZ LZH TAR UUE XZ ZIPX Z1 001 you can used self extraction option to extract files without needing to install anything there just click on the archive. to decompress. Winrar is not a freeware but it is possible to download and use it without problem from their official site but to encourage the developer of the software thank you for saving your copy. There is Z7 a free and open source alternative.

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