Small step to protect your privacy

Small step to protect your privacy

What you should do when you want to sell your computer give it to someone else or just you want to give up Windows 10 comes with a great option for you. When You are using computer it automatically accumulates information about you browsing history in web browser accounts, photos, documents, and other types of information to reset a PC with windows 10 is too easy and requires almost nothing. A little time and patience.

First you must make a backups of your data in an external media support like USB drive or external hard drive on DVD … after that you will be ready to begin the job;

Type in the search Reset and Reset This PC (this will drive you to recovery setting)

windows 10 backup
windows 10 reset

You have to chose reset this PC and click get started

windows 10 reset
windows 10 reset

Chose remove everything (that mean all data will be removed including personal data)

if you have more than drive or partition a prompt will ask you to chose the drive make sure that your pen drive and all external drive are unplugged to avoid erase data from them by mistake .

The best is to choose (all drive)

if you want to keep the PC and you need just to make it clean and faster chose the first choice just remove my file it doesn’t take a lot of time but the files can be easily restored.

If you want to sell your PC and make it difficult to restore your personal data and setting chose the second chose remove files and clean the drive this one take much time but the files will be shredded that mean it will be very difficult to be recovered by someone else.

Just click reset and wait until the operation ends

That’s all we hope this was useful for you.

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