Power Strip

The power strips are available from several brands in the DIY arrays of supermarkets.

The main use of this product is to allow you to connect several electrical equipment to an electrical source. But it’s not limited to that a Power Strip may be able to protect your equipment from power surges, filter parasite, protect against short circuits, protection against lightning, overload protection.

And provide Security to protect your children by child-protect technology,  it can be equipped with a switch to disconnect devices from the source AC without disconnecting them and some new power strip are able to charge you mobile device directly via USB ports.

How to choose between the different models:

1 – Input voltage Input voltage generally between 180V -264V

2 – the power (this is a very important point because the total power rating of the devices connected to the power strip must not exceed the nominal power shown on the power strip such as 3500W (CAUTION IF YOU EXCEED THIS VALUE  IT MEAN RISK OVERLOAD AND FIRE)

3 – USB output (for good use the ports do not exceed the USB Rated Power of your power strip)
4 – number of electrical outlet
5 – switch
6 – Cable Length
7 – Safety Child protection outlet that will protect your children against shocks.
8 -lightning protection
9  – safety protection device against overload and temperature
10 – Surge protection
1 1- parasitic filter
12 – short circuit

You have to be careful when you want to use certain devices such as a hair dryer or grill, electric oven, clothes iron, heating, a mobile air conditioner and all devices that consumes a lot of energy which requires a power strip. when you turn them on touch the power cord if it overheats unplug immediately so that overheating can cause fire or deterioration of your equipment and change it a power strip of greater power.

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