Never Lost Your Phone Contacts Under Android

How to make backup for your contacts under android, Android offer you great possibility to backup all your contact information in any media storage of your choice like SIM card, internal storage, sd card, usb storage. Before doing this I want to explain to you what is the best choice;

SIM card: the advantage it’s universal and can be used in most phones. But in the other hand it cannot register more than 255 contact with less information (no address email, short name only) and if you lost your phone you lost your contacts with it.

Internal storage: advantage of unlimited contact with all information about your contact Email address picture etc…and after you can save the VCF file in your PC or simply send it to an secure email. But it’s also bud idea because if your phone is lost or damaged you can’t restore your contacts.

SD card: more secure than two first choices because although the phone field you can plug your SD card to another phone and restore your contacts to the new one. Or you can simply insert the SD to your laptop and open the VCF file with any software like Microsoft outlook. But if you lost your phone this backup can’t help you.

USB storage: This one is the best because you will be sure that your contacts are saved in secure and safe place and you will never be worry about lost your phone and lost your contacts with it. we all agree lose contacts of friends, family member, provider, customers, your medcine… worth more than the phone do this before it happens to you and you  avoid any regert it’s simple. Do this from time to time to make an updated backup of your contacts.

1-Tap on Phone

2-Tap on Contact

3-…Tap on 3Point

4-Export Contact

5-You have to chose :


-Internal storage

-Usb storage (the best choice)

6-Confirm export

That’s all your phone finished exporting vcard As PIM00001.vcf

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