backup for your contacts

Never Lost Your Phone Contacts Under Android

How to make backup for your contacts under android, Android offer you great possibility to backup all your contact information in any media storage of your choice like SIM card, internal storage, sd card, usb storage. Before doing this I want to explain to you what is the best choice; SIM card: the advantage it’s […]


Wi-Fi Direct take the place of Bluetooth

Wi-Fi Direct take the place of Bluetooth Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless technology which allows connecting devices directly without access point (hotspot). To exchange files. Image videos document … You can print documents and share data, between notebooks, or smart phones and tablets. Printer you can compare it to Bluetooth technology but of course Wi-Fi […]

power strip

Power Strip

The power strips are available from several brands in the DIY arrays of supermarkets. The main use of this product is to allow you to connect several electrical equipment to an electrical source. But it’s not limited to that a Power Strip may be able to protect your equipment from power surges, filter parasite, protect […]

privacy protection

Small step to protect your privacy

Small step to protect your privacy What you should do when you want to sell your computer give it to someone else or just you want to give up Windows 10 comes with a great option for you. When You are using computer it automatically accumulates information about you browsing history in web browser accounts, […]

Play any video

Play any video or audio using windows

More and more there are several formats of videos and audio that’s why your Media player is not always able to read them for you. to be up to date and solve this problem you can use appropriate codecs. but it’s not practical to search for codecs anywhere whenever you want to view a video […]

Free Video Editor

You want to make a video of a professional quality that’s what you need

nowadays lots of people like to make videos to share them on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Vimeo Dailymotion or other social media. Other times the use of the video editing software was limited to the professional and the use of such software was occasional for personal use to record special moment […]